Finally ready to release!


As the title suggests, Foreveracers is now ready for the full release version to be made available. It will be launching on the 29th March 2018.

Initially, we will only be selling it through Steam, and plan to add to shortly after launch. The reason for this is just to try to keep things simple for the launch, with this being our first game and just something we work on in our spare time. The game also makes use of steam leaderboards, stats etc. so it makes sense for us to focus on that platform. Once we're settled after launch then we'll update the store page with purchase options. We will supply steam keys with each purchase through

For now we've updated the page with some new media used for the steam page.

Thanks again to you all for the support during our time on many more people played the game here than we ever expected, and we really hope you enjoy the final product.

Best Regards,

SuperSmashingGreat Games


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