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Foreveracers is a bouncy wobbly arcade online multiplayer driving game. Jump in to the action with no fuss. Race, roam, roll, crash, and challenge as you drive around the game world day and night. Cut corners, find shortcuts and avoid other players while trying to set the best lap times or win the challenges. 

Each car in the game has a distinct feel and unique characteristics, and the physics model means that balance is as much part of challenge (and fun) as the optimal racing line. And each car has their own 'optimal racing line', since as long as you hit the checkpoints in order, you're free to find your own route around the circuit!

You can challenge (and be challenged by) other players in the game to races or to special challenge modes. Everyone that accepts the challenge will join that game mode, and anyone that doesn't can just carry on driving as they were, maybe to join or issue the next challenge.

When not in a challenge, just drive through a start line to begin a lap, drive somewhere else to find another circuit whenever you want, or maybe explore to see if you can find an unlock for the hidden circuits. Or if you just want to quickly change car or jump to a different circuit, you can do so too.


  • All one world - You're free to drive between the different circuits, and explore the world, without any reloading.
  • Day/Night cycle - The racing in Foreveracers never ends, so keep driving night and day.
  • Over 12 circuits - 4 initial circuits, 4 hidden circuits to find, and additional mirrored variants to then unlock.
  • Race challenge - Issue a race challenge to other players, those that accept will line up and race to the finish line.
  • Special Challenge Modes - If you want a break from the racing, then challenge players to a Scavenge Hunt or Rust-Bucket Survival challenge
  • 6 Main Vehicles - from the slow and steady Starter Car, through to the 'too fast' Sports Car, and the frankly ridiculous Clown Car.
  • Leaderboards - See how your lap times compare to others (steam version only)
  • Live world rank - Your current world rank is displayed for whichever circuit you currently have active, try to improve your best time and move up to #1! (steam version only)
  • Ghosts - If you're just lapping alone then the 'ghost' of your best lap will start when you do.

Note For Solo Players

We believe there is fun to be had with this game even if playing alone - start an online game and while waiting for others to join, you can drive, explore, time trial, try to improve your world ranking and unlock the extra circuits. However, we do want to make it clear that there is no single player 'story' or challenge structure, there are no AI racers in the game, so if you're only looking for a game to play alone/offline, then this may not be for you.

Steam Purchase Only

The game is not currently available to buy through itch. Due to the way their pricing works, and the requirement for us not to sell less than the steam price (as we would want to include a steam key as the game utilises steam for leaderboards etc.) it's not practical for us to offer it for sale here at this time. If you are interested in the full game, please check out the game on steam.

We will continue to review this in future.

Development log


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I just got this game , its awesome . I love it but I would like the new one , is there any way to get the new updated version ?

Hi, thanks for the comment!

We are now actually very close to completing the full game, and aim to be releasing it before end of March. We'll update in here once we have a release date locked in.

Hi.  Sorry for the delay getting back to you, been a bit hectic of late....the game is releaseing on steam in 2 days time - 29th March, about 5pm UTC!

Pleaze make the uptade with long tour

Hi. I'm not sure when or how we will update the demo version, as we're focusing on the beta build now. However, we are still looking for a few more testers, so if you get in touch via twitter or email, I can get you access to the beta on steam. That has the extended play area and the new developments being added on.

it says thanks for downloading but when it opens nothing downloads im on google crhome


could you check that you aren't getting a 'pop up blocked' notice, usually in the top right in the address bar of the web browser? If you are you need to allow pop-ups from itch.io. If you can't see that, or as a simple alternative, you should be able to download from my web page direct. http://ssgg.uk/foreveracers

ah there we go sorry for late response

Deleted 3 years ago




I would like to download but it wont let me download

(1 edit)

Hi, there's two things going on here that may be the cause. Firstly, itch.io produces a pop up to start the download, you could have the download getting blocked by your web browser.

However I'm also having an issue with the security certificate on my website at the moment, which is also causing browsers to give an error when trying to connect to the site...I'm working on that now, and will update once that side should be working without issue.

Hi. The SSL certificate for my site has now been updated, so the links should work again without any issues. If you're still having problems with the download relating to the pop-ups, then in the 'Install instructions' I've also added a link to my website where you can download direct.

Let me know if you're still having any problems, and apologies to you and anyone else that had issues trying to download the game over the weekend.

Thank you so much I found this game really appealing to me!

That's great news. Glad you got it working and glad you like it!

So... that patch works on Mac?

Thank you for the tip Ether7!:)

Glad you got sorted - thanks Ether for stepping in with the tech support! ;)

I think it's a great game and i want to play it but I can't download it, what to do?

Hi Pudgy, I think I have the fix to your problem. If you are using Google Chrome, I think it works on other browsers too, in the top right of the screen you should see like a puzzle piece with a red X. Click on that and say allow pop up. That should work after that, then try downloading it again! Hope this helps

Hey! I love the game, please add more content. And try to fix the vehicle handling and the performance of the game. I really hope this game makes it out to steam for everyone to play. This game has great potential and I would love to see it grow.

Hi! Thanks for the comment. I'm still working on this, will add a video of some recent development stuff to the main article. There's 4 different vehicles now, each has it's own 'qualities', and I'm working on in game 'challenge' modes to mix up the standard time trialling in multiplayer. Also plan to add a couple more areas to drive around in, and then hopefully steam release early next year!

  1. thanks. For now I'm still working on this one, but appreciate the support! There's plenty of ideas to come once this is finished.

Cool game make more games.

Awesome and pretty game!

Thank you!